A commissioned piece that I finished yesterday. The client asked me to make a still life photograph based on her 50 acre property. We spent a couple of hours walking the property, collecting specimens and sharing ideas on land regeneration. I then returned to my studio to compose the photograph. A perfect day! 

Stories from Ginninderry

In 2019 I was commissioned to provide design advice, make two artworks and explanatory text for the “Stories from Ginninderry” project. The resulting 10 postcards, which were designed as a welcoming package for people moving into the new suburban development in the Australian Capital Territory, are now available and being distributed by the developer Ginninderry. The concept and project was developed by Dr Mary Hutchison, and aimed to provide background information for new residents on both the areas cultural and natural environment heritage.

For the postcard “Ginninderry Trees” (Artwork title, “Native Dominant Trees of Ginninderry”), I located the five dominant tree species as identified in the vegetation mapping of the area, collected plant specimens and made a still photograph. The small numbers inserted next to the specimens form a key to information provided on the back the postcard. For example, “1. Scribbly Gum. Smooth gum scribbled by insect larvae. The tree has wrinkled ‘armpits’ where the branches join the trunk.” (Text composed by Mark Butz, Mary Hutchison and Carolyn Young). The idea behind this card was to help new residents to Ginninderry get to know the remnant trees in their neighbourhood.

My photograph, “After the Rain - Murrumbidgee River”, for the “Framed by Water” postcard considered how the river has shaped the Ginninderry landscape and the diverse fluvial geomorphology present today.

Tawny Frogmouth

These two handsome Tawny Frogmouths were being cared for by Wildcare volunteers after they had fallen from their nest and were injured. A week after I photographed them, they were released back into the wild.

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