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Publication: "Grassland in Transition"

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This photography book illustrates the transformations in plant diversity and form that agricultural practices have imposed upon grasslands of Australian eucalypt woodlands ('grassy woodlands'). “Grassland in Transition” results from a 10-year collaboration between photographer Dr Carolyn Young and woodland ecologist Dr Sue McIntyre. The book brings together Carolyn's 'Grassy Woodland' photography series with text by Sue on the ecological processes underpinning the photographs and ecosystem restoration options.

Free postage within Australia (3 book limit).

Photographs and preface by Carolyn Young.

Introduction texts, colour plate annotations and epilogue by Sue McIntyre.

84 pp, 31 colour plates, 25.5 x 21.0 cm, soft cover

Designed by Lyn Mitchell Design

Printed in Australia by a carbon neutral process onto FSC mix paper from responsible sources.

ISBN 978064699071

1st Edition 2018

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